Exploring Nature in the City


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What a fun time we had seeing the joy on the kids’ faces while delivering gifts to inspire them to go outside and explore a little nature in the city and get creative with their imaginations after a tough year!

We worked with Plenty International’s Kids To The Country program and their Books To Kids program to provide bikes, helmets, bike locks, potted plants, individualized nature curriculum, art supplies, fresh fruit, healthy snacks, and books for the kids living in our affordable housing communities.

Kids To The Country’s week long outdoor science and nature program we had planned for the kids this summer had to be modified due to the pandemic. Delivering these gifts are a safe alternative to bring some fun, exercise, and nature exploration directly to our kids and teenagers living in North and South Nashville. After having to endure a devastating tornado, a deadly pandemic, quarantine, isolation, economic hardship, and school closures, the kids in our community deserve all the joy and sunshine they can get.

If you would like to make a donation to this nature program, your donation will help us introduce the children in our communities to the joys of nature so that they can receive all of the nurturing benefits at a young age while learning to love and protect the natural world for future generations. We want to continue offering this program to the kids in any way we can during the pandemic until we can get the kids out into the country again.

We’d like to thank our partners at Kids To The Country, Books to Kids, and all the people that worked hard to bring joy to the kids this summer through this program: Mary Ellen Bowen, Peter Schweitzer, Ginger Lee, Richard Schoenbrun, Jim Selin, Peter Kindfield, and Tomas Heikela. Thank you to the donors that helped make this program happen. Thank you to our executive director, Mark Wright, and to our friend Beth Priest for helping us deliver the books and the gift bags to the kids. Thank you to our friend, Clayton Oglesby for volunteering to help deliver bikes to the kids. Thank you Green Fleet Bikes and Walmart for giving us discounts on bikes for the KTC program which served residents of Be a Helping Hand and the Safe Haven Family Shelter.