New Native Gardens Planted for BHH Residents


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As part of our Spreading the Wealth of Nature program we are landscaping our housing communities with native plants that are adapted to our local climate and soil conditions where they naturally occur. Our friends and professional native garden landscapers, Brent “Mage” Hanvey and May Wild just finished planting six new beautiful landscapes for our residents in North Nashville and Southeast Nashville to reestablish connection to nature.

We are excited about the completion of these native perennial garden beds and look forward to seeing them grow and flourish. It is our hope to do a part in increasing the quality of life by creating sanctuaries within the city for our neighbors to enjoy while simultaneously providing pollinators to help the bee and butterfly population. These vital plants also provide nectar and seeds that provide nourishment for native, birds, insects, and other animals.

Not only are many of these native plants drought resistant and relatively low maintenance but perennials establish roots that ensure their return for years to come. Medicinal plants that have been used for centuries by indigenous and native peoples have also been planted in these gardens. Many common ailments related to life in the city can be remedied by plant allies such as lemon balm for stress and anxiety. Common uses, preparation instructions, and any other pertinent information about these plants have been shared with our residents.

In order to keep the environment in our communities clean and healthy, we do not use chemical pest control or fertilizers on our gardens. One of the great benefits of using native plants is that they do not require these toxins to thrive. Native gardens also help to rebalance the overall health of the natural environment.


It is one of our ongoing missions to continue adding native plants and trees to our community landscapes in order to help sustain the natural world and ensure that our communities’ social, economic, and environmental systems are well-integrated and will endure.

Thank you, Brent “Mage” and May for helping us spread the wealth of nature to our communities! And thank you GroWild for the native plants.