Gaining Prosperity

Gaining Prosperity

Providing economic empowerment services to low-income women heads-of-household.

Our Gaining Prosperity Program provides economic empowerment services to low-income women heads-of-household to support them in becoming self-sufficient, maintaining employment, gaining financial stability, and achieving homeownership.

We provide childcare resources, education, mentoring programs for children, and case management services to eligible women. These services include trauma-informed individual counseling and support groups, financial empowerment counseling, and holistic wellness support.

We inform and educate residents on legislative self-advocacy issues related to affordable housing, a living wage, healthcare, and stopping violence against women and children and strongly encourage them to be active partners with our program in advocating for themselves. We encourage participants in our programs to be actively engaged in their financial independence and to make consistent measurable progress toward initial short and long-term life goals.

In order to enhance the overall lives of women and children, we also provide activities for improving physical and mental health, nutrition, and social well being, all aimed at helping women establish confidence in making good life choices while providing a safe and supportive environment.

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