Solar Equity Program Secures Vital Support


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We are proud to share that Be a Helping Hand’s affordable homes will soon be running on solar power! Going solar is made possible through the invaluable support of our community, alongside the generous backing from Hammond Climate Solutions Foundation’s Solar Moonshot Program, which granted $25,000, and the Clean Energy Group, contributing $20,000 in grants, and the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, offering additional support of $20,000 for our Solar Equity Program.

“We are excited to provide solar + battery systems to our affordable housing, bolstering support for energy justice and our Solar Equity Program. The impacts of climate change as well as the pandemic have exacerbated existing inequities in the communities that we serve, highlighting the urgent need for the equitable transition to renewable energy. Our Solar Equity Program empowers marginalized communities in Nashville by providing pivotal affordable housing equipped with resilient solar power, as well as solar installation training and job opportunities essential for an inclusive transition to renewable energy, a prerequisite for the health and survival of humanity and a sustainable future amid our changing climate.”

-Sara Jean Schweitzer, Green Programs Administrator, Be a Helping Hand


To learn more about our Solar Equity Program or to support it, visit: Solar Moonshot Grantee Be a Helping Hand, Solar Equity Program, Make a donation.